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SISTER + MACKESON w/ Jakki & The Pink Smudge

Show Bar, Portland OR


Ever since Michelle Obama pegged her single “Love Me Right” for use in her “Higher Ground” podcast Houston-bred, LA-based singer/songwriter Sister has been on the radar of millions of music listeners around the globe. Harkening back to the great songwriters of previous decades, her steady stream of emotive & ethereal songs will leave you dancing, crying, and smiling all at once.


After a near decade-long journey of false starts, missed expectations & major label mishaps, alternative R&B artist/producer Mackeson brings us his debut album Cult Classic! The record might not be a full concept album, but it harps on major themes of living life in extremes. Two characters of Mackeson’s psyche arise in the songs: an angel and a devil-like character who torment and encourage him equally. Mackeson says he wrote Cult Classic! and filmed its corresponding videos in a nonlinear way— thematically and lyrically, the songs don’t seem to be stuck in any time or place. They flow together and almost on top of each other in some moments, like individual pixels unified by the whole picture the album presents. What unites them is Mackeson’s smooth R&B style. It’s the type of album that should be consumed in one sitting. Still unappreciated by mainstream culture, but amassing a steady devotion from a passionate audience the album is living up to its name. 
 -Rocka Magazine

Jakki & The Pink Smudge

Jakki & The Pink Smudge is a Portland, OR-based indie-punk-funk artist originally from Los Angeles, CA. The band’s charming name originates from the inevitable smudging of Jakki’s lipstick while performing. For live shows, Jakki is accompanied by a revolving dynamic backup band. The band’s multifacetedness has cultivated a strong presence in the Portland, Los Angeles, and Houston music scenes. Playing alongside artists such as Mavi, The Aquadolls, and Never Ending Fall, Jakki and The Pink Smudge continues to complement a wide range of musicians while bringing their own distinctive, moving, and peachy sound.

Desolation Horse makes kinda sweet, crunchy, guitar-driven music rooted in pop in a way that takes the listener somewhere much weirder and wilder than they may immediately realize. These are confidently eclectic songs, dusty, lived-in, and melody driven. “Filled with stream-of-consciousness lyrics and twinkly, lo-fi guitars as expansive as the ocean on his doorstep” (NPR). Alternately based out of Idaho and Oregon, the band has put out two full length albums since 2020, with their next effort due for release on American Standard Time Records in 2023.

Dark Arts Fest - Ashtray Jr.

Fort George, 1483 Duane Street , Astoria, OR 97103

The darkest stout and art festival the world has ever tasted is back on Saturday, February 18th – gates open at noon. Let your senses feast on tattoo artistry, contortionists, ice sculpting, and a multitude of performers. Stay warm by the fire dancers and glass blowers. Satiate your hunger with thick-cut bacon on a stick or other delectably dark choices. Live music will play all day, on multiple stages, and wherever you go the dark beers will follow. It’s a Carnival of Stout with over 60 rare and unique offerings from 50+ breweries all packed into one block in downtown Astoria, Oregon.


caleb stuart ballard


caleb ballard is a human musician on earth for a limited time. 


caleb has lived in bergen, norway; medina, ohio; colorado springs, colorado; portland, oregon; and chicago, illinois